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January 7, 2018


Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a marvelous first week of the new year. I had quite a bustling week from celebrating my dad’s birthday, dealing with the #BOMBCYCLONE weather, to preparing for my sister to go back to college. The weather here (Central New York) is freezing. I don’t ever remember coming home and it being this cold. I’m surviving through it all with  some basic winter essentials to keep me as cozy and toasty warm as possible. I thought I could share some of my favorites with you today so you can bundle up with me!


A Nice Thick Winter Jacket

I’ve been in such awe of people who are just donning a light jacket or a sweatshirt when running day to day errands in this weather. How are they not cold?! No one will be catching me without the biggest coat on to combat the harsh winds. Currently, I am loving my North Face coat which helps trap all the heat in without any work. Prices for coats can run pretty high, but it’s a necessity for someone living in cold weather! And, with the amount of times you will be wearing it, the cost-per-wear will eventually even out. I recommend investing in a coat with neutral colors so it can last you through several seasons and won’t be subjected to fast in-and-out trends.

coat options:



Fleece Pants/Leggings

These days you can find me with two pairs of leggings on because it’s that cold. Every layer of warmth is needed with every dropping degree. I 100% recommend finding some fleece-lined pants or leggings for that extra layer of coziness. Whoever  invented fleece-lined bottoms should get some sort of reward! Most of the ones I’ve found are also extremely soft, so you can feel like you’re floating around a cloud.

bottoms options:




I’ve never been one to think about thermal-wear until this winter season. They are life-savers for cold weather and make layering so much easier. My favorites are from Uniqlo because they are so cheap and versatile. Just pop some on under a sweater or jeans, and you’re all ready to combat mother nature!

thermal-wear options:



Winter Accessories

I try to incorporate winter accessories like hats and scarves into my winter wardrobe almost everyday—fashion comes second to warmth. I read somewhere that it’s the most important to keep the top of our head, fingers and toes warm so grab some mitts and a hat! As an extra bonus for us lazy people, beanies give you another reason to not do your hair in the morning! You know I love cutting down on my get-ready time so I much rather cover it up. Other winter accessories include gloves, socks, and scarves, which are all quite inexpensive. This is area that won’t kill your wallet to keep you warm!

accessories options:



Winter Shoes

The rest of your body will have a hard time warming up if your feet are cold, so winter shoes are a necessity for the winter season! My go-to’s are my Ugg boots that I’ve had for years and they’re the only boots I bring home for winter break. But recently, my parents got me some water-proof snow boots from Ugg for Christmas, and they are slowly creeping into my top favorites list. Winter weather also means slippery roads! So having slip-proof shoes are much needed if ya wanna stay upright while going place to place. As someone who is obsessed with shoes, I grasp onto any reason to grab a new pair!

winter shoes options:







These are my top winter essentials to power through winter. Don’t let the weather stop you from doing anything you want to do! Even though it does give a great reason to why you should have a cozy day cuddled up on the couch. If you see me out and about, you will definitely see a walking bundle of clothes…not the best of views, but at least I am toasty! Stay warm loves!!

until my next lil’ thought then,


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