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Weekly Recap with Jen Ep. 2

January 23, 2020
weekly recap with jen
dressy outfit

HELLO!! Bringing the weekly recaps back because I feel a lil’ disconnected with y’all in the new year and thought I should bring back this series to update you all on all things life. Even though the title says weekly recap, I think this will be a monthly one because there’s so much I want to talk about. So grab a coffee/tea/hot cocoa and enjoy the weekly recap read:

2020 Thus Far…

First off, I published my 2020 goals and have been adamant about keeping up with them. I found that being intentional in my choices to accomplish the long-terms goals I’ve set is so important. But I also realized really quickly that life happens and it’s also important to go with the flow at times. I started 2020 off a lil’ under the weather, literally. I got sick the night of New Year’s Eve and was sick for the first two weeks of 2020…it was so awful! At first I was angry at myself for not keeping up with my goals such as reading and being active. But some days I couldn’t even get out of bed, so I had to cut myself some slack. I am feeling MUCH better now (still no idea what got me down whether it was the flu or a general cold) and all I am dealing with now is a nasty cough.

I’ve been on top of reading, starting with books that Alex already have so I don’t have to spend money ahaha. He has a huge growing collection of self-improvement as well as non-fiction books that I have to comb through. I am also looking to read some fiction and would love if you have any recommendations! Every time I get overwhelmed with something in life, I’ve been taking time to be quiet and read…even if it’s for 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend!

Bullet Journal Setup

2020 bullet journal setup
bullet journal grid sheet
This grid sheet has been such a helpful guide for creating other spreads!

I have to include my bujo set up in this weekly recap! I had created my 2020 bullet journal setup and January setup during the last week of 2019 and was so excited to take photos to share with you all. But for reasons outlined previously (that darn disease I had), I couldn’t, but I still want to share them with you today. Even though it’s much later than the start of the year, it’s better late than never, right?

Organization has always been important to me and starting off the year right in terms of my events and to-do’s was extremely important. I kept a lot of the 2020 setup simple and easy to navigate and using the following quote to guide me through the new year:

“as this new year approaches, find inspiration around you, and motivation within you, to be all that you can be”

Kate Summers

As for my January setup, I created a simple intro page, which is the first time I’ve done this – I also kept it quite clean looking. I have my goals listed and all the blog posts that I wanted to write for the month (a lil’ behind, but we will get there!). The theme for the month was Chinese New Year inspired because Chinese New Year is Saturday, January 25th! I am so excited to head back home to celebrate it as well as for my mom’s birthday. I attempted to doodle a lot more things throughout the spreads to practice my drawing and I think they turned out pretty cute (I saved videos of me doing my spreads on Instagram if you want to check that out).

january bullet journal
january goals
writing out your goals is so important – this month had some setbacks so I couldn’t accomplish them all but I am still trying!
january habit trackers
january mood tracker
i got a little doodlely and went for the chinese new year theme


I’ve shared a lil’ more of my fitness on Instagram lately and have been getting some questions in regards to my routine and all that, but I honestly don’t think I am at the level I want to be at to share that aspect of my life. Majority of the time I still don’t know what I am doing at the gym. I love food so much that I see going to the gym as a way to balance my health out and to not feel guilty eating…hopefully we can work on my diet at a later time. I am still learning about my body and perhaps I can share more of what I do in the future. But for now, I am only sharing snippets of my gym days on Instagram to maybe motivate you to get your body moving, too!

Social Life

You guys know how much I love my home time, but I’ve made sure to connect with those who matter to me by making time for them. I still have a few friends that I need to catch up with, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the people I’ve hung out with so far. I am reminded of how lucky I am to have amazing people in my life and to be able to have meaningful conversations. Being in the moment and enjoying myself has helped my mental health tremendously!


Overall, I am still feeling very optimistic about this year. I am choosing to be happy and to remind myself to be positive regardless of outcomes for some things. I’m proud of myself for being more active and staying on top of my goals and journaling when I can and I am itching to write more. I know this weekly recap was a long read, but I hope it gave you a bit more insight into what’s been happening in life and what’s to come. Today, I am heading back upstate to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family, which is this weekend and definitely am going to bring you all along on Instagram!


A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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