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Summer Uniform: Beating the Humidity

July 26, 2017


How is it already Wednesday?? Felt like just yesterday I was walking through Bushwick and coming home to write to you guys about it (which you can still read here)! I swear this entire summer is flying too fast for us. Thank goodness, this week has been getting a little cooler—a couple nights ago it was so chilly that a jacket was needed! But good news is that NYC Restaurant Week has officially started this week and my friends and I are taking full advantage of that—we already went to one Monday haha. But who can blame me…food is life!



While dealing with the humanity and heat, I have learned that sometimes breezy and loose articles of clothing can sometimes make the heat feel even worse. For those of you raising your brows and asking “Jenny, wtf are you talking about?”, just hear me out first! I am someone that sweats as if it’s my job…like I sweat no matter the condition so for me, sweat + humility is not a good combo. I found that when I was wearing more tight-fitted clothes, I wouldn’t feel as hot or the sweat dripping down my back or having my clothes stick to me…you get the picture.



Enter this outfit, which for me is the perfect summer uniform. Some tight fitted top with some loose fitting boyfriend jeans. I got this top a few years ago from Pacsun from the Kendall + Kylie collection and to this day, it has held up in its quality. I love this top because it fits just right and the best part  *drumroll* is that you don’t need a bra with it! There’s enough padding and/or in the front that even pasties aren’t even needed. Now that is an even better deal for me….although one downside of this top is you can’t hide your stuffed tummy anywhere after a big meal….



That’s where the jeans come in though! These jeans from American Eagle are tight and loose at the same time—if that makes sense—creating the perfect fit for me. Being very short, even buying jeans in size short isn’t enough so you betcha these jeans were folded up way too many times to be considered normal for anyone else. This pair has been my go-to this entire summer because I can balance out a more showy top with covered up bottoms. And the rips in these are placed perfectly in my opinion, allowing for more breathing room.



And to top it all off, I paired the outfit with my little sky-blue bucket bag from JCrew that can handle a lot more things than it seems. I even surprise myself at times when I keep shoving things into it and there’s still more room. For my sunnies, I have these Ray-Ban foldable sunglasses which are great because they are able to fold up into a tight square if you don’t need them anymore. These cute little sandals with a little height to them were so comfy. And for accessories, I wore what I usually adorn: Hermes bracelet, Burberry watch and a heart necklace, which was a gift.  Since it was a comfy day with a lot of walking, I made sure to dress the part!



I am looking forward to this weekend with more Restaurant Week places to try out, places to explore and hoping that this cooling weather stays a bit longer. I hope the rest of your week is going to go super well and you have super fun weekend plans. And even if you don’t have weekend plans, it’s okay, everyone loves a down day where we can just chill at home, watch movies all day long and take some naps! 

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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