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Styling Suede for Summer

August 2, 2017


I am still in denial that it’s August…where is the summer going? I need more days to sleep in and am definitely not ready for school to start again in September. Please slow down summer! Also, sorry for no post on last Sunday. Life has been pretty hectic: studying for the LSATs, getting sick and planning stuff since I have friends coming for the next two weekends. But I was able to take time to style some pieces I’ve been loving and they involve a common element: suede!



When suede first become popular, I was never really into it solely for the reason that I didn’t know how to clean it. I am someone who constantly worries about how to clean articles of clothing so it’s definitely a big factor in what I purchase. Plus, dry cleaning here in the city is so expensive! But I thought I should give it a try since I do love me some soft clothing haha. I first started out with sandals since shoes should be easier to clean than clothes…right?😛 I had been eyeing these Steven Madden sandals for sooo long before I bit the bullet and just purchased them. I still am loving the light pink color and they go so well with everything! The minimalistic design makes it chic or casual based on what you are wearing. In the beginning, they did give me some blisters at the back of my ankle where they clasped together, but I figured out that if you loosen the clasps, it’s way more comfortable. The heel on them are also the perfect height—I can walk for miles and miles in these.



I also love this skort (shorts under skirt) piece from Zara, which I got as a birthday present from my sister. It’s so soft and the color is so gorgeous! Because it’s a neutral, it goes with absolutely everything! I haven’t had the chance to figure out how it should be cleaned so that’s another to-do on the bucket list. I love how it looks like a skirt but viola, it’s a skort! 👊🏼 I’ve been loving skorts since for someone my height, it’s hard to find skirts that are the right length sometimes. With skorts, you can have your bottoms at a cute length without worrying about flashing someone haha. Zara has such good skort options! And the top is also from Zara, and it was so inexpensive. It’s the softest t-shirt ever for $8…I know, time to run to Zara to grab more!



I loved how this outfit came together look-wise and how comfortable it was! Best part of dressing for the day is trying to look good but also trying to be comfy. And I wanted to add some pics of Alex (who’s usually behind the camera of my pics) because his outfit was so cute!!😋 We got his t-shirt at Zara for $8 too! And his jeans from Sisley are so cute on him, especially when he folds up the bottoms…he is a fashionista in training hahaha. Even thinking about that day makes me so happy again because it was such a good day! I hope your guys’ day are going super well and hope your August is starting off with a bang💥

Until my next thought then!


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