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September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

September 1, 2020
September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup
September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! Time to show you my September 2020 bullet journal setup! How crazy that we are already 2/3 done with the year and fall is upon us! I used to be alright with fall/autumn, but I’m so excited for the temps to drop and to start pulling out all the cozies. I got so excited when I sat down to this spread. This month’s theme pays homage to the consistent love of my life: COFFEE! I’ve done a theme similar to this prior but it was not as in depth as this round. I also created a new Instagram page dedicated to my bujo creations at HERE – follow along if you like these types of content. Anyways, let’s walk through the different spreads of this month:


September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Everything is a bit more condensed this month. Last month I went all out and created individual pages for everything, which was helpful because it was a busy month. But since I don’t have too much going on in September, it’s back to the condensed formats. 

For my monthly spread, I listed out the dates on one side for major events and dates to remember. Then on the right, I have my goals and major to-do lists for the month. The big goals this month include studying and moving out of our NYC apartment. Bittersweet but I’m excited for what’s to come

Opposite the monthly page, I have my content planner for my major pages and channels. This blog is at the top because my goals is to continue posting and getting back into writing! Then I have my instagram and a very exciting new project that I will share more about soon. It’s a busy month with collaborations I am SUPER ecstatic about!! For me, it’s easier to get things done if I write them out.


Here is the part that is much more condensed than any spread I’ve done. Normally, I would dedicate an entire page to my habits, moods and all the rest of the trackers. But I placed them all directly onto my weekly spread. This way, I can easily cross out my to-do lists and be on top of documenting my moods/habits. I divided the page up into around 3-4 parts. On the top left, I have my weekly events, major to-do’s, reminders – a week at a glance almost. Then on the right hand side, I have my running list of tasks that I can cross out after completion. Running lists are my favorite for weeks/months that I know I have things to take care of but no set day I have to do them by. 

Then on the bottom, I have my trackers. I’m not tracking too much this month in terms of habits: just workout, studying and keeping on top of my emails. Then on the right I have my mood tracker that’s very simple. I had so much fun integrating random tidbits of coffee inspiration throughout from the doodles to the colors. 


And that concludes my September 2020 bullet journal setup. An easy one in terms of layout but it took longer because of the random doodles I wanted to incorporate. I’m not the best artist and needed a lot of guidance from pinterest, but I LOVE the feeling of sitting down solely to focus on drawing and journaling. A new month means a new beginning for me and I’m ready to crush this month, as I hope you are, too!

A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!

xx Jen


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    I’m always so jealous of your bullet journals!

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    This is so informative. Your drawing are super cute! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing

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