Personal Goals of the Semester

September 10, 2017


The first semester of senior year of college finally started and week 1 is officially done, which means I am one step closer to getting that college degree! I am already finding myself being overloaded with to-do’s, homework and studying. Life in college surely does not get easier with time I tell ya! This semester I have so many goals that I want to focus on: staying more focused, be more proactive in regards to my studies, stop procrastinating, and study study study! This semester isn’t going to be an easy one with classes and trying to study for the LSATs (which are next week eeekkk😨). But regardless of how stressful a semester may get, I try to keep a following list of positives and goals in mind to bear on the semester! This semester’s list of personal goals are:


1. Staying Focused

So often, I find my mind wandering during class times and of course this is inevitable during some points, but this semester I want to really try being engaged in all of my professors’ topics. And this goal goes beyond the classroom; I want to stay more focused when I am completing any tasks at hand from studying on my own for the LSATs to completing my homework assignments to hanging out with friends! Staying focused to me means being more in the moment and soaking in everything the present has to give! 🙆🏻

2. Being More Proactive

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the first point. I want to be more proactive in especially my studies—seeking out professors, asking for more help and doing personal readings or practice to catch up. Gaining more knowledge is truly in the hands of my own and I want to makes sure I continue seeking it out amongst everything else going on in my life. I want to also be more proactive in other aspects of my life such as planning out time for my friends, work and even this blog! I am often so bad at contacting people until I realize how long it has been since the last time I’ve seen them, which isn’t good at all! But I am working on it! 🙋🏻

3. Stop Procrastinating

I procrastinate a lot….probably more than the average human being should and it has taken its toll on me numerous of times before. While it’s hard to stay motivated and do everything when it should be done, I have learned that it does pay off to start early rather than late. I am currently battling my procrastination habits with extensive to-do lists! I have always been a big fan of to-do lists, but it really has helped me extra the past week to create daily ones so I know what I personally want to be completed. I bet there are so many other ways to help me along and I am just learning as I go! 🙅🏻

4. Study More

Throughout high school, I have always been the person who thinks that minimal studying is the way to go, but as my college career progresses, I know that the more you study, the better prepared you are for anything. And in part to discovering this, I credit so much of this realization to all of my friends I am surrounding myself with. They are honestly one of the hardest working groups of people I’ve met who study like it’s their job! This semester particularly, I want to hone in on my studying skills and be more proactive about it! After all, it’s no one’s grades but my own. 🙇🏻‍♀️

5. Take Necessary Breaks

We all have endless things that need to be done and taking breaks usually isn’t something we put as a priority, but I’ve realized that it’s so important to take those necessary breaks! Just the other day, in amongst errands that need to ran, I took a much needed break to get ice cream with my friends and it was honestly so amazing (I cannot ever stress how important it is to surround yourself with happy people) and it just relieved so much off of my shoulders. Taking a step back also can help you reevaluate your situation and so many times for me, it has made me come to new realizations about how to handle a situation or how to continue going about it. Overworking yourself is never a good idea! 💁🏻


I am wishing you all good luck if you are back in school and hoping that these simple goals of my own will boost your mind into thinking some goals you personally want to work on this semester! Remember that nothing is out of your hands and you can do anything you set your minds to! I am so excited for the next week to start and for more adventures to come!😋

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Until my next lil thought then!


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