Men’s Gift Guide – 2019

November 29, 2019

The most requested gift guide this year has been the Men’s Gift Guide and for good reason! I only have three men in my life this year that I need to grab gifts for this year: dad, brother and boyfriend. Lucky for me, my dad is just as much of a shopaholic as I am and have everything that he loves already picked out WAY in advance and has been asking for them for months (if he didn’t already buy them himself). For Alex and my brother it’s a big harder because they are both VERY particular about their styles and the fit of their clothing. They are also both very into the tech realm so when in doubt, I always go down that route. I think Christmas time is also the perfect time to help them stock up on necessities, especially like coats and scarves if you are living in colder weather areas as we do. 

Other than my dad, Alex and Jason don’t shop that much for themselves throughout the year (we need balance in the family, right?). And I have a feeling that’s with most of the men in your lives, too! So here is a simple men’s gift guide on what to get any men in your life. Whether, it’s your dad or significant other or friend – there is a goodie that fits anyone in your life! You can click directly on the photos of items you like to shop!

Men’s Gift Guide


If I had to ONLY put 6 (I couldn’t narrow it down anymore!) things on my list for the men’s gift guide this year, this is the list. These are tried and true items for men in my life and all the other men that I have asked about. Regardless of interest or preferences, I think one of these will be a great hit:

1. Joggers – The athleisure trend isn’t just with us girls! I know that these stylish take on the traditional sweatpants can really help amp up a guy’s casual outfit. I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t like comfy sweats/joggers. These are my favorites to shop:

2. Wireless Headphones – at this time I think I am the only person I know who still has wired headphones. But they make GREAT gifts and for some reason, every guy has a secret love for all things tech and it’s great to start looking here instead of falling into the blackhole of tech gadgets.

3. Small Leather Goods – think wallets, card holders, money clips. Personally, I think investing in a durable small leather good for the men in your life during this time is always a great idea. Every gift giving season I always make sure that is ticked off the list. Alex has had his wallet for the past 6 years and loves its. It’s one of those things that you know he will use everyday.

4. Watch – As far as accessories and jewelry goes, I think a watch is universal for men to love. Prices range on these gifts, but there is definitely something out there for everyone. You definitely have to take into account the style of the man, but I think a classic leather band is extremely versatile sans style.

5. Quarter-Zip Pullover – these are a favorite every year and with everything else, they are great during this time of the year, especially if you can get them on sale. The quarter-zip design instantly upgrades an outfit compared to a hoodie or crewneck sweater. Worn causally or dressed up, when my brain goes num with present ideas, I always choose these.

6. Stylish Sneakers – deep down (and I bet you don’t even have to dig that deep), men love shoes just as much as women. But shopping for styles can be tricky based on the occupation and style of the man, so I always go the safer route and choose some stylish sneakers! Classic white sneakers are always a catch and also Allbirds are a family favorite here!

Other Gift Ideas

I hope this men’s gift guide helped you in gifts for the men in your life or at least gave you some ideas! This time is magical and remember that your time is worth just as much, or even more than the gifts you get. So make sure to spend time together with the ones you love and enjoy the festive season together!

A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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