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A Magical Winter Wonderland

December 14, 2017


NYC saw its first snowfall of season this past Saturday and transformed into a magical winter wonderland. Waking up to the brisk morning air and seeing snow falling slowly from the windows just put me in the best of moods. While I love being cozied up, I knew I had to get out there and frolic in it! I’ve always enjoyed cold weather and winter time. It makes everything seem so peaceful, calm and relaxed. And to make it better, NYC is so pretty during this time with all the festive decorations. Now it’s even better with snowcaps on every tree! ❄️



Nothing beats the feeling of walking in freshly fallen snow so I had to bundle up and head to Central Park that day. The perks of our current apartment is that we live 10 minutes away from there and Central Park is always a good idea. Alex and I haven’t actually been there in a while so we were both excited. While the snow looked so pretty while we were inside, it was kind of disastrous on our trek to the park.😐 Because of so many people on the streets, it had just turned into really wet slush. By the time we made it to the park, our shoes were soaked, my mascara was running and we were wondering if we made the right choice to get out of our comfy and warm nest. 🤔



But Central Park didn’t disappoint as always. There was actually a Christmas market there as well, which we had no idea about.The lights, trees and food got everyone in the festive mood.🎄 Walking through the park was so magical! Snow covered everything and we were able to be the first to make footprints in some areas. The bridging of the city skyline with the parks’ natural beauty was straight out of a movie scene. It’s those times that make me realize how it’s the lil’ things that make life so awesome. No matter how stressed or burnt out I was, I had absolutely no worries in that moment. I saw kids having snowball fights, adults helping them build snowmen and tourists taking the cutest pics—everyone was just so happy.☃️



I refused to go home, but after a lot of pushing from Alex, we made the trek back. We were soooo cold that the first thing on our mind was hot cocoa and curling on the sofa next to our heat. ☕️  Thank goodness we live near a 24 hour supermarket so we didn’t have to go further to get some hot cocoa. Gotta say though, that trip was worth all the frozen toes in the world! We spent the rest of the night curled up doing work and listening to Christmas music, which in my opinion, is the best way to end a winter night.



I am so glad that we are going to have a white Christmas…if this snow doesn’t all melt away. I am trudging through my last week of classes and then finals next week. I know a lot of people who are already going through finals, so best of luck to you all! And, believe it or not, I still have lots of holiday shopping to get done in the midst of all that. I can’t wait to be done with everything! I am sooo looking forward to heading home and spending the holidays relaxing with my family. I’d love to know what you’re planning for the upcoming weeks or what you’re excited about—so let me know!


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  • Reply Sophie December 15, 2017 at 7:12 am

    I’d love to be in NYC when it’s first snowfall happens. It would be so magical.


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