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September 24, 2017

Hello hello! First all, a warning that this post is gonna be a LONG one since we have lots to cover/talk about! Hope you are all doing super well—sorry for being MIA on here for the past two weeks but I will get to what’s happening in my life and what-not in so much detail you will probs be tired of me haha.😜


I wanted to first talk about this look because these items have been my absolute FAVS! I love this shirt—I can’t seem to get enough of it even though it is a old one—oldie but goodie right? I have been going through a phase lately where I am constantly reaching for oversized tees (sometimes stealing them from Alex) because they are so easy to style. As for bottoms, my dad actually got them for my mom and she gave them to me haha—they’re high-waisted Burberry jeans, which are the comfiest ever! The jean jacket is from Madewell, shoes from Steve Madden (they’re so comfy), bag from Forever21, bracelet from Hermes, and watch from Burberry.


I thought this semester was going to be easier than before since I am only taking 16 credits (as compared to 20 credits before) and not working. Boy was I wrong! I am mostly taking the last of my required courses for my majors and minor, which are the hardest ones so far in my opinion. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, I am trying to get a double major in Economics and Politics with a minor in Chinese. I am trying to take it day by day with all the homework and material thrown at me. And if anyone is a pro at econometrics, please hit me up because I am so lost lol.

I think I also took way too long to get out of my “summer mode” and into “school mode”—I was just too relaxed! But I am slowly getting back into it by creating schedules, to-do lists and making sure I keep up with my goals for the semester that I wrote about in my last blog (you can read them here).


So I took the LSATs for the first time last week (Saturday) after a summer of (not-so-strict) self-studying. I thought I did pretty poorly and it definitely made me realize that I need to study and practice a lot more. I’m currently in the process of deciding if I need a tutor to help me on some sections since I know where I’m lacking. I took last week off from studying as a break and to reset my brain but I will be starting back up this upcoming week. To be honest, I have been lacking motivation in that area big time but am ready to get back into it!


I have been calling home A LOT (my parents can contest to this). My family is honestly my biggest support system and I feel as though all of my stress just floats away after talking everything though with them. I am sooo beyond blessed in the family department—even my brother and sister are constantly checking up on me and making sure I am doing okay. I have no shame in saying my best friends are truly my family!

I haven’t been able to see a lot of my friends since coming back to the city, mainly because I was so swamped with classes/homework/LSATs. But I finally calmed down my life and was able to see most of them this weekend, which was amazing! Each one of them make me so happy in different ways and I am so thankful for having them (you know who you are!). As for friends from back home, I am making sure to reach out too them to see how they’re doing. Being able to stay connected with my people and just talking through life with each of them in a different way gives me so many different/important perspectives.

Personal Time

I also took some time to unwind for myself this weekend and to relax in the midst of completing homework—trying to find that school/life balance ya know. I am just doing small things to make me relax more—probably nothing that seems trivial to you guys. For instance, I usually finish showering in less than 10 minutes, but recently I have been trying to stay in the shower longer, partaking in trying more products and pampering myself a little with an overload of skincare, body and hair products. I even took time to watch lots of YouTube while doing my nails and testing new makeup (my new obsessions are eyeshadows!). I have always believed that we all need to take care of ourselves and our mental health. It sometimes can start with more personal time to pamper and reflect on ourselves.

This Blog

I have always wanted a creative outlet where I can come and speak about anything and everything. After doing this for six months now, I can truly say that I love being able to put my feelings and passions into words. I never want to make keeping up with this blog a job/chore. As some of you have noticed, I try to post twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) and in the beginning, I felt so guilty missing a day because I was too busy/stressed. But I am slowly learning that I can’t force too much onto my plate. I want to continue doing this while enjoying it—and being able to get feedback from people who have read my blog has been making me sooooo happy. After stepping back and making sure it’s my passions/interests that are leading me in these posts, I am finding that my content has gotten better, quality has increased and I’m getting better feedback! I also don’t ever want to hold back in what I say—being candid with you all is part of how I want this community to be!

I think I have covered pretty much all the areas in my life and if you have gotten this far: thanks for reading through all of my troubles haha—you’re a true follower! I really do appreciate each and every single one of you who have taken time out of your busy lives to just read a small part of my life-I get emotional just thinking about it. Your support means EVERYTHING. I have lots of faith in this upcoming week—that it will be a good one filled with nice weather, good food and lots of lots of happy moments! I am still reminding myself that I am just one little person in a big world, things happen for a reason and it’s sometimes better to go with the flow than to resist!

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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