Keepin’ in the Shade

July 19, 2017


Happy Wednesday lovelies!! Hope your week has been going well and the rest of the week flies by for the weekend! The weather here in the city has progressively gotten hotter and hotter each day! Whenever I have to be outside, I am on the prowl for shade or walking past a building with super strong AC. Usually though, I find any reason possible to stay at home watching videos or Netflix or reading a book in the comfort of constant AC. It’s so much easier to do that during the weekdays when Alex and all of my friends are at work so I’m not judged….hahaha😜



Life has been pretty good to me lately if ya don’t mind me saying so. I am finding myself to be at a very content place in my life from the people, my day-to-day routine and current plans. I remember at the beginning of summer when I constantly worried about if I could actually study for 6+ hours a day and what I was going to do during most of my alone time, but now that I have been in the hang of things for a month, I can honestly say that it’s most definitely possible to study for 6+ hours a day. For those of you who don’t know, I am taking the LSATs in September so I’ve been scurrying around trying to practice and study as much as I can in hopes of achieving that high score!



In terms of my personal life, I am finding myself being surrounded by people who I’ve come to truly care about, new and old friends/family. It’s so amazing to see how each of my relationships are able to continue growing and how each one of them is so different from the rest. I think I have dabbled a little into the topic of friends before but I wanted to say again that it’s so important to have those around you who lift you up and make you a better person. I feel so grateful every day when I think about the people I have around me and those who I know I can go to for anything in the world!



As for upcoming plans, NYC Restaurant Week is starting next week and it’s going on for about 3 weeks so if you’re in NYC, make sure to reserve something! You get to go to super nice and expensive restaurants for a lower set price and get 3 courses—as someone who have started going since last summer, it’s very worth it! My friends and I have been busy reserving and getting excited in anticipation for the yummy food!


when you try to get a picture with a cute birdie but he flies away 🙁

This summer has been treating me very well so far despite the constant heat waves—which I have used to my advantage at some points to get tanner (although I do have the worst short and sports bra tan lines EVER). In the meantime, I am going to continue studying and staying busy and also taking the occasional nap haha😋 I would also love to hear how your guys’ summers are going and any plans that you’ve been making!!!

until my next lil’ thought then!


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