Happy Daddy’s Day!!

June 18, 2017


Happy Daddy’s Day to all the daddys out there!! I personally don’t know what I would do without my dad being by my side through everything. He is my personal cheerleader who’s always so giving and being selfless. I have seriously hit the jackpot with my parents I tell ya!



My dad is the true epitome of what it means to be a kid at heart. Even at his age, he never fails to do anything and everything that he loves and he isn’t afraid to be who he is. From loving his electronics (such as flying toy airplanes..yes even at his age) to learning about the new-age technology. If you guys every wondered where my love of photos and taking pictures come from, I would definitely point my finger at my dad. Even to this day, he loves it when people (anyone that is) want a picture with him and he can pull out any face you want from silly to serious. As you might have guessed, Snapchat filters are his absolute favorite.



Other than taking pictures and selfies, my dad is probably the only straight man I know who loves to shop. When I say shopping is his passion and hobby, I truly mean that. No one knows how sales and coupons work as much as him. He knows all the sizes of our clothes and shoe and our style down pat. It’s to the point where my siblings, my mom and I know that whatever he gets for us, we will definitely love.



When he is not busy being a role model to my siblings and I, he is busy skipping around finding his next mini-adventure. Despite trying to act like he’s stuff at times, he has the gentlest heart ever…he’s the type to built little houses for birds in our backyard. He loves and lives his life to the absolute fullest and he truly deserves the best in the world. I am so lucky to have him in my life and to have a best friend who accepts me for whoever I turn out to be. A thank you to him won’t ever be enough.


Make sure to call your dads and tell them how much you love them today…or call everyday as I do haha. Or if you are lucky enough to be able to spend the day with them, make sure to do something super fun! I will be busy trying to call my dad again…

until my next lil’ thought then!


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