Goals of November: Focusing on More

November 1, 2017

I have decided to start a new series on this blog: at the start of every month, I want to give you guys some goals I want to work on for the month. This month of November, I want to focus on doing more in different areas of my life. Having concrete goals written down somewhere will definitely motivate me to go after achieving those goals and to hold myself accountable. For November, I am going to focus on the following five goals of doing more:


Being More Consistent with this Blog

I have already been trying harder to dedicate more time into this blog and to make it better. One thing I want to be stricter on myself is to publish two blog posts per week consistently. I realize that I go back and forth with being how much I upload and definitely want to change that. This blog is truly my outlet and I want to express more of myself on here—so it’s a win-win goal for myself and my readers if there’s more content! 💙

Study More for the LSATs

My second LSAT is only a month away so I don’t have much time to crack down and study. I need to set up a tougher schedule on myself to spend more time and effort into studying for it. It’s such an important test and I need to know find the motivation to stick through with it. I have made myself a schedule and goal for this time around, so I am hoping that I am going to follow through and ace it!📝

Read More Books

I miss those times where I just curl up somewhere and read for hours on end without worrying about anything. I have so many books in my apartment, but they are all sitting on the shelves collecting dust. I’m always using the excuse that I have too much of other stuff going on and when I do have time to read, I need to catch up on my textbook readings. I want to make a greater effort this month to pick up a book and do some reading for pure enjoyment. Nothing can beat the feeling of holding a physical copy of a book in your hand! I am not going to be crazy and aim to read five books this month or anything, one book is enough for now! 📚

Spend More Time Outside

I think autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love when the weather gets colder and I am able to layer up on my clothes or to cuddle up on the couch with tons of blankets after lighting some candles. It’s just such a cozy time in my opinion! Even though on some days I just want to stay home and be a homebody, I want to make more of an effort to go out and enjoy the fresh air! Alex always laughs at me when I say the air is “crisp” but that’s the only way I can describe it! Crisp air is my favorite—you know when you step outside and you breath in and the air just hits your nose? Definitely want to enjoy the nice weather before it starts getting too cold and snowy and I am forced to stay inside haha. 💨

Go to the Gym More

I haven’t been to the gym in more than a month and that’s so crazy! I’m so lenient with myself on working out and eating healthy. I thought it wouldn’t be realistic if I decided to work on both, so I will just tackle one thing at the moment. And besides, eating healthy is so much harder than finding the motivation behind going to the gym…at least for me. I want to aim for three times a week—gotta make use of that gym membership! It is the best way to get myself into shape, get over stress and as a break from whatever I am doing. 💪🏼

outfit details: top -> zara 🍁 jeans -> hollister 🍁 bag -> michael kors 🍁 shoes -> zooshoo 🍁 bracelet -> hermes 🍁 rings -> american eagle


These are my five goals of this month and I am so excited to start implementing them. I wanted to focus on doing more so I can get more out of my life. I present you the challenge to sit down and write down some goals you wish to accomplish this month—even one is enough. Write it down on your phone, a notebook or laptop—anything! If you don’t think you can hold yourself accountable, send me your goal and will hold you accountable. Being able to know you have something to work towards just enables you to do more. I look froward to seeing what goals you guys come up with! 👍🏼

until my next lil’ thought then!


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