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The Fluffiest Donuts to Exist

June 21, 2017


Happy Wednesday loves!! Hope your weeks started off to a great start and it’s going to end even better! Alex started his new job this week so I have been having a lot of alone time to myself doing random home things, running errands and most importantly, bothering my friends haha 💁🏻


Outfit Details:
Bodysuit—American Eagle


And while I have the time, I had to share the best place for donuts in the city that Alex and I stumbled across this past weekend. We needed to meet his cousins in the Chelsea area and since our eating schedule was so messed up, we were so hungry for lunch at 4:30pm 🙃   After a failed attempt at trying to go to a brunch place around there (because for some reason in both of our minds we thought we would be able to get brunch at dinner time lol), we just walked into a random restaurant we saw—The Standard Grill.



If you ask Alex, he thought the name of the place was confusing….are they trying to say their food was “standard” or are they saying they set the “standard”. Either way, we both wanted donuts right of the start….healthy I know. But these cinnamon sugar brioche donuts were the best thing to happen to me! And how could you not love that it comes in a cute folded paper bag?? Forget the burger and fries that we got later…it was all about those donuts!


If you are in NYC or heading here any time soon, grab yourself some of these fluffy clouds and make sure to bring some to me, I will gladly send you my address😜

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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