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Flowing my Way Through Central Park

June 25, 2017


Before the city turned towards being more rainy / gloomy / chilly / dumb again, I was able to venture to Central Park on a quite hot and humid day with this super cute and flowy dress from American Eagle. Ever since Alex and I moved to our new apartment in Midtown West of Manhattan, we are literally a 10 minute walk away from Central Park! Whenever I need to get out of the apartment for fresh air or some place else to relax, I immediately have been thinking about Central Park. Minus the horse manure smells and tons of people trying to sell stuff at the entrance, Central Park is just such a serene and quiet area nestled in the city.



On extra hot days like this one, it was soooo essential to wear something flowy and lightweight because ain’t nobody got time for sweaty clothes!! If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I have an absurd amount of dresses and I will NEVER ever stop buying more. As a short person (I’m five feet and 1/8 of an inch tall) it’s sometimes hard to tell if a dress can fit me correctly as opposed to shown on the model in the picture. This dress is super perfect from its length to how easy it was to style.



Next on the must have list has to be these white converses! Even though they can get super duper dirty in the city super duper fast, they go with literally everything. I found these low rise converse socks at TJ Maxx one time and they go so well with these shoes since the socks don’t show! The shoes are a quick and easy way to look cute while being able to save your feet from dying after having to walk everywhere in the city.



And lastly, I am in love with this cute little red bag from Zara that Alex got me for our anniversary back in April. It adds such a nice of pop of color and it is so roomy! I just throw everything I need in there and there is still room for me to put snacks for when I am hungry haha. It came with a thick strap so you can wear it on your shoulders but there is something about it without the strap that I just love love love!!



Writing this has made me want to go buy more clothes……but I need to have good self-control!! And if you are wondering about the band-aid on my elbow….I kinda fell on that day in Central Park and it HURT. My friends laughed at me while I cried and thought I was going to die and an old couple just watched me…so be careful out there kids!! Anyways, let me know what your favorites of the moment are and recommendations for petite clothing + necessary pieces in my wardrobe!

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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