Fall Style

Fallin’ into October

October 1, 2017

Happy October!! I swear mother nature did a 180 and went from super hot weather to super cold weather. I am definitely not complaining because I am ready for some sweaters, candles & cozy weather!🍂I’ve recently been so into lighting up candles in the apartment at all times that it’s getting ridiculous haha. I somehow got sick this past week and it has not been fun—being all snotty and heachachy sucks!🤒It has made me stay at home all the time (yes more than normal lol) and it gives me more of an excuse to take naps whoop whoop!

I have always loved wearing some button-up shirt over jeans to create the perfect causal yet put together look. Whether that shirt be a denim, plaid or dress shirt, it all works for this look! I have worn it to class—which means they are comfort approved.🙌🏼And with the falling temperature, it’s perfect to wear when it is a bit chilly and it’s easy to layer! This shirt is from a brand called Caslon (sold at Nordstrom), jeans are oldies from Hollister, shoes from Forever21 and backpack from Burberry.🤗

My second favorite look for going to classes is just some t-shirt over jeans. I have been OBSESSED with this tee from Zara…it’s the softest and comfiest tee ever and it was so inexpensive—probs like $8 or something. I have been living in them—even though they are quite see-through and I needed to find the right bra lol. The jeans are from Joe’s Jeans, which is a personal favorite brand for comfy jeans, mules are from Target, and backpack is the same one from Burberry. I am always so surprised at how different the same outfit can look just by tucking the shirt in and adding a belt—you should try it out!😜

This upcoming week is going to be a busy and stressful one as my first round of midterms are coming up so need to start studying asap…🙃 But I am super excited that I am going to go home next weekend for Columbus weekend yaaay 🎉Which means I am going to be able to eat my parents’ yummy food and to spend time with my family. I hope your week has went super duper well and best of wishes for this upcoming week! October is going to be a good month!

Until my next lil’ thought then,


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