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Criss Cross Tee + Multi-Colored Floral Skirt

August 30, 2017


Summer is ending way too quickly and I can’t tell if I am enjoying the cooler weather or looking for more sunshine…have to be honest and say that I am quite excited for sweater weather! I have already been looking at so many online stores for different sweaters (as if my sweater collection needs to get bigger…it doesn’t). But in the meantime, I can still make use of my summer clothes as much as I can!



This was a quick outfit of the day since it was quite cozy and so easy to put together. I literally rolled out of bed and popped a random shirt + skirt combo together. On the days when I have no dresses left to wear and feeling lazy, I need my go-to skirts since they are so easy to pair. Just a simple tee and you’re good! Both of these pieces are from Asos and I got them awhile ago but I definitely think you can find similar pieces for both. I love how simple yet unique this tee is with the criss-cross design and it is one of the softest shirts that I own. If I could, I would wear it everyday because it is that comfortable and versatile. Being a shortie means I gravitate more towards mini-skirts and this one is so perfect. The length, the folded over detail and the colors and design are all my personal faves. Because of its wrapped style, it looks so flattering on just anyone. Like I said before, I definitely dress more for comfort!


Until my next lil’ thought then!


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