Fall Spring Style

Berkshire Tights + Mauve Dress

November 8, 2017

Implementing tights under a dress or a skirt is my favorite combination during this time of the year. I love bringing my summer clothes into fall and transforming it to combat the colder weather. This prevents me from doing more shopping and to think of creative ways to wear what I already own. It does mean making sure to buy items that will last through several seasons and even years. Enter these tights from Berkshire, which is a personal favorite brand of tights for a long time. Their quality and variety of styles is perfect for any season and for any girl! 🤗

Long-sleeved dresses are great for layering. The weather in NYC has dropped significantly and the more layers the better. Because it is not too cold yet, I just paired this dress with these tights that are just warm enough! I feel as if the tights add another dimension to the dress and changes its mood to becoming more autumnal, if that makes any sense. The reason I love tights so much lies in the fact that they’re classier than leggings (which I also wear too much) but comfier than jeans—the perfect middle-ground! Going back to the dress, I got it a while ago from Forever 21 and it is so soft—proving that Forever 21 does have some good finds. Mixing low and high priced items is something I try to incorporate into every outfit. And to top off the whole look, I popped on my favorite Michael Kors boots with the perfect added height.

You guys will probably be seeing several variations of this look this season and even into winter months. It is my cold weather uniform because lazy girl probs haha. 😅 I hope you all are going to be keeping warm as the temperature continues to drop. Also, I would love to see your fall outfits for inspiration so send them my way! When you have some time, go on over to Berkshire and check out some inexpensive but high quality tights! 😘

until my next lil’ thought then!



*I want to thank Berkshire Tights and Lipton Publicity for sending me these complimentary tights to try!

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