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June 9, 2017


Hi all—welcome back! I’ve been missing from this blog from the past few weeks due to finals, moving into a new apartment and trying to settle in. But now that everything is back to normal or as normal as it can get, I am ready to begin sharing more things with you guys!!

Recently, I have been finding myself reaching for something small like a wallet or  this backpack to carry all of my things when leaving the apartment. Basically I am lazy and I like to keep my hands free. I got this backpack as a birthday present from my sister back in April and have just recently gotten around to use it more often. It is a lifesaver for my shoulders as it helps balance out the weight of whatever I am lugging around for the day. it is so much better than carrying around a large tote bag because I always end up bruising my shoulders from how heavy it becomes.



The best part about this backpack is how versatile it is—it seriously matches EVERYTHING. From wearing a simple outfit of comfy jeans and a random shirt like how I paired it in the pictures to dressing it up with dresses and cute rompers. And how pretty is the the light blue shade? It’s perfect for entering into summer! To make it even better it is only $29.90 from Zara—so affordable and CUTE!



And for those of you who have sweaty back syndrome like me, don’t worry, somehow no matter how much stuff I put in this backpack and how long I’ve been wearing it, my back has never gotten sweaty (sorry if that was TMI haha). I hope all of your days are going super well and I can’t wait to produce more content on here!!

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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