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April Bullet Journal Spread for 2019

April 1, 2019

H E L L O A P R I L! Every year when April rolls around, I get excited because 1. it’s my birthday month whoop whoop!! and 2. because for some reason to me it signals the beginning of spring. ANDDD this year, the 1st of April falls on a Monday…how perfect is that?? To really encapsulate how much I love the combination of these two events, I really put 110% into my April bullet journal spread! I tried out A LOT of new things and stepped out my comfort zone. The perfectionist in me at times almost went hay-wire! Here is my April bullet journal spread:


I tried to keep these pages as clean as possible while tying in my theme color of the month: yellow. It is one of my fave colors because it reminds me of sunshines and being happy for some reason! I drew out individual boxes for the days, added one of my favorite quotes “by accepting that we can’t be perfect and that we will fail, we can get back to work”, which I thought is so fitting to my life right now. On the right hand side, I have my monthly notes, reminders, to-do’s.

Habit Trackers

This month I toned it down and only am tracking 6 things to make it easier to come back to the journal and remember things. My instagram followers voted that they wanted doodles with these pages so I attempted my doodling skills. Although they look simple, trust me when I say that I almost died trying to make them because they kept turning out weird! Some habits that I am tracking is when I work on the blog, when I post on Instagram and when I don’t spend any money (holds me accountable!).

Mood Tracker

This spread has to be the most creative (in my opinion) of all the ones that I’ve done thus far…I am quite proud of myself ahah. I pushed my limits on my drawings and my calligraphy a bit with the quotes. Since I think that April is the month of spring emerging, I thought of flowers and so drew a bunch of flowers in a cup with each petal/leaf representing each day. I filled some of the empty space with two of my favorite quotes: 1. “bloom where you are planted”, and 2. “Hey! You are beautiful no matter what shape you are”.

Sleep Tracker

This one is quite simple again – the theme of this month I guess. On the side, I have the days of April and then the hours/time running horizontally. It’s been very helpful in the past month to see how much sleep I get and how it corresponds to my energy levels.

Monthly Expenses Tracker

This one is severely toned down a bit as well from two pages in my previous months to just this one. I am hoping this will help me cut down on my expenses! I placed static purchases at the top of the page as I did last month to separate them from my month specific purchases. At the end, I can also go back and total up my expenses based on purchase group. By logging my expenses, it really does help cut down on areas that I think I’ve been spending too much on (usually on food).

Study Tracker + Month End Reflections

The next two pages are focused on my April study plan and my month end reflections. The study plan is the same as last month where I have a habit tracker right on the page. In addition, I have my goals for the month and my to-do list. On the next page, has to be my favorite. At the end of every month, I like to sit down and hash out my feelings about my life. To me, it helps put things into perspective and I can go into the next month with a clear mind and better formulated goals.

Weekly Spread

This page is completely new to me and I still don’t know how I feel about the layout. Through instagram stories, people voted for a schedule-like weekly spread over the normal sectioned days spread. On the side, I have my times of the day and the days of the week on the top. Throughout each day, I sectioned off time for the tasks I have to do. It’s a lot of coloring and more than just a to-do list. I am hoping this spread will keep me accountable on doing things on the day I say I will do them.


And that concludes my April bullet journal spread. Hope you got some inspirations from it and also created your own. I had a ton of fun (and stress) with creating mine and for the most part loved the result. I would love to hear what you think in the comments below or please share your spreads with me via Instagram!





A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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