100 Lil’ Things in Life that Brings Happiness

April 15, 2019

Ahh, it’s Monday again. The day that we dread all weekend long and without fail it always shows up. If I could have any superpower right now, it would be to rewind the clock just a lil’ bit and enjoy my weekend a lil’ longer. I bet a lot of you reading this are feeling the same right? But the inevitable still have to be faced and it’s better to face this day and the start of this week with positivity than negativity! And what better way to do that than sharing with you all a list of all the lil’ things in life that brings happiness:

  1. Seeing dogs on the street and letting to pet them
  2. A clean apartment
  3. The smell of the air after it has just finished raining
  4. When someone gets the door for you
  5. An elevator opening right when you press the button
  6. When it starts to rain right after you get inside
  7. The smell of freshly grounded coffee
  8. Your name getting called when your order is ready
  9. When the barista at your favorite coffee place remembers you…even better, remembers your order
  10. Someone random complementing you on your outfit
  11. A good hair day with lots of volume
  12. Putting on a favorite outfit that both looks and feels good
  13. Seeing flowers bloom after winter
  14. Getting hit with all the right traffic lights – whether it’s green if you’re driving or the walk sign if you’re walking
  15. A stranger picking up something you’ve dropped
  16. The first sip of your favorite drink
  17. Dipping a perfect chip into just-made guac
  18. Waking up waaay before your alarm goes off so you know you get to sleep more
  19. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets
  20. The smell after a candle is blown out
  21. Lighting a candle for the first time
  22. Showers and baths at the perfect water temperature
  23. Days where the weather is warm enough for a tee but still has a breeze
  24. Driving with no destination with the windows down
  25. Checking off a task on a to-do list
  26. Filling up a journal
  27. Accomplishing a goal and moving onto the next one
  28. Putting on the perfect sweater that just hugs you
  29. Dolling up for a night out and feeling GOOD in your own skin
  30. Those endless talks with our besties talking about nothing
  31. Getting the perfect piece of chip with loads of seasoning
  32. Receiving a meaningful text from someone you care about
  33. The first bite of your food
  34. Good skin days
  35. A full phone battery
  36. The sun shining so bright that you don’t have to turn the lights on
  37. Feeling all of the sweats after a good workout
  38. Finding a good deal
  39. Catching the sunset or sunrise
  40. Letting the time fly by with those in your life
  41. Seeing little rainbows from the sun on random things
  42. Feeling a light breeze but the sun is still on your face
  43. Trying something in the fitting room and the first size you grabbed fits perfectly
  44. Finding an amazing book to get lost in
  45. Meeting someone from online in real life
  46. Having support from someone who you’ve never met in person
  47. Getting the shot in one take
  48. Stumbling upon random spots where you live and loving it
  49. Seeing an old friend and catching up like nothing has changed
  50. The feeling of holding a bundle of flowers
  51. Hearing an amazing new song and then repeating
  52. Discovering a new Netflix series to watch
  53. The smell of anything baking
  54. Feeling sand between your toes on the beach
  55. Getting an extra hard squeeze during a hug
  56. Finding a good motivating quote
  57. Opening up the blinds in the morning to let the sun in
  58. Warm cookies
  59. Getting a new hair cut
  60. Freshly shaven legs
  61. Having brows on point
  62. Finding money on the ground
  63. Fitting into the perfect pair of jeans
  64. The first sip of perfectly sweetened lemonade in the summer
  65. Having the perfect cake to frosting ratio
  66. Being able to splurge on something new
  67. Using a new bottle of shampoo / body wash
  68. When everything fits into your bag
  69. Being the first person to step in freshly fallen snow
  70. Watching snow fall while being inside
  71. Listening to the rain on a Sunday
  72. Waking up from a nap at the perfect time without feeling more tired
  73. Immediately clicking with someone you’re meeting for the first time
  74. A fresh manicure / pedicure
  75. Ordering coffee and it’s the perfect amount of sweetness
  76. Seeing the leaves change color on all the trees
  77. Turning in a project (work, school, life)
  78. The day right after you are super sick.
  79. Breathing in super crisp cold air after being inside all day.
  80. A nice cup of hot chocolate with loads of whip cream
  81. The first bite of chocolate
  82. Eating the chocolate part of a dipped chocolate cone
  83. Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice
  84. Eating the top of baked ziti where the cheese is crispy
  85. Warm bread out of the oven
  86. First bite of the perfect slice of pizza
  87. Fresh batch of socks to pick from after the laundry
  88. Clicking “confirm order placement” when shopping online
  89. Handwriting something and it turns out exactly how you want it to look
  90. Being able to 100% help someone
  91. Knowing the answer to a question
  92. Packing to go on a trip somewhere 
  93. Coloring in my mood tracker every night
  94. Unwinding with a good face mask
  95. Laughing at my own jokes
  96. Finishing a good book
  97. Opening a new snack and knowing you love it
  98. Getting the day off (work, school, life)
  99. Thinking that you will be late but you actually are ahead of time
  100. Being 100% yourself


WOW that was a lot right? But this list didn’t even take me a long time to compile because they were lil’ day to day events that bring me so happiness. The lil’ joys in life don’t have to be big things. Take a moment and compile your own list. It doesn’t have to be this extensive, but you can start being mindful and aware of where your happiness comes from. This way you can tap into this list if you are feeling down. And it’s also about finding the lil’ joys in life – find small things that make you happy. You will learn to appreciate life more.

A million and one thanks for reading – until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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  • Reply Anna April 17, 2019 at 6:19 am

    Weekends should come with a pause button lol Such a great list, being mindful and doing small things that make you happy…that´s what ends up doing a big difference!

    Have a nice week!

    • Reply lilthoughtswithjen May 8, 2019 at 10:28 pm

      ahahah girl i wish someone can invent the pause button!
      xx jen

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