Celebrating Life’s Moments with Hallmark Cards

August 27, 2021

* This post is sponsored by Hallmark, but all opinions are my own. 2021 was a big year of big moments in our house with some MAJOR accomplishments all around. A year that felt slow in with things opening back up and resuming a newfound sense of normalcy balanced with a feeling that the year is going too fast without experiencing all that we lost in 2020. In essence, every major moment became magnified this year and it’s worth every…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2021

Can I call myself a blogger if I don’t cover the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?? 😉 It’s the most coveted sale of the year because of how diverse Nordstrom’s inventories are and the sale covers new items for the colder months 🥳 It’s a great…

July 15, 2021
june bullet journal
Bullet Journal Life

June Bullet Journal Spread – 2021

I created a June bullet journal spread! Albeit late, it’s better later than never to share, right? I am finally back into bullet journaling after getting the creative bug late one-night last week. After taking a couple of months off from creating official themes…

June 9, 2021
practicing gratitude

Practicing Gratitude with Hallmark Cards

* This post is sponsored by Hallmark, but all opinions are my own. Practicing gratitude daily is something I personally have integrated into my daily routine for the past couple of months. Taking time out of our days to actively practice gratitude is so…

May 27, 2021

Send a JUST BECAUSE Card with Hallmark

* This post is sponsored by Hallmark, but all opinions are my own. Card writing has always been one of my favorite things to do for those around me. A good hand-written card triumphs any text or DM that the electronic world we live…

March 9, 2021
Life Other


Define your definition of beauty. What makes a woman BEAUTIFUL? Growing up in a predominately white town with a non-existent Asian representation via “real life” or media, I was convinced that I was not beautiful because of my Asian features. I remember the first…

March 8, 2021