A Trip Down Memory Lane

April 23, 2017

Today officially marks the day that I have been dating my best friend for two whole years!! *clap clap”. What first started out as next-door neighbors in the dorms we were living in while studying abroad during our Freshmen year in Florence, Italy, turned into a long long long commitment towards each other. From those who knew us from the beginning, we were almost complete opposites. We always disagreed on random things and got into mini-arguments that would emerge from nowhere…I know, we had a weird way of flirting lol. He thought I was a spoiled brat who was too stubborn and was set on changing that while I thought he got dressed in the dark with his super loose-fitting clothes and I was set on changing his sense of fashion.

our first pictures taken together while in Europe, from trying to recreate The Fault in Our Stars pose on that one bench in Amsterdam (the “just friends” version) to being silly together while we do our laundry

somehow we became each others’ travel buddies and literally went to as many places as we could

from our first date (first picture) to our first trip as a dating couple and of course in Rome we were the ones who were tricked into those con-artists trying to get you to take pics with them then demanding money

And like every other cliché relationship story, we ended falling for each other after spending so much time together and traveling throughout Europe. Even though we nagged at each other a lot (we still nag a lot HAHA), we were able to confide in each other about anything and everything. The best relationships DO come out of friendships! I am so happy I found my other half in my best friend  and travel buddy ❤️ And I guess what they say about “opposites being attracted to each other” is true after all!

more travel pics + the first pic is the perfect depiction for our love for food and especially for this chinese restaurant back in Florence called Chong-Ching which we still crave every single day

honestly, I have lost track of how many birthdays we have spent together

Contrary to all the pictures and what people might think, our relationship is far from perfect. Yes, we have never gotten into a huge fight thus far where we are yelling on top of our lungs at each other (please knock on wood for us), we have had our slight disagreements, moments of feeling down and even feeling alone whilst being together. But what I have learned these past two years from Alex, is that no matter what you are feeling, in any relationship for that matter of fact, communication is key! I was so used to holding everything in to myself and letting time handle things when I know I am one to hold grudges practically forever and with his help, I was able to open up so much more.

our adventures throughout NYC from him teaching me how to ride a bike, to beach trips and simple picnics

It’s so awesome to realize that you have someone next to you who will cheer you up no matter what dumb (or not dumb) thing you are crying over, to order pizza with you at 12 am and being able to deal with your hangry personality (yes I have a major case of hangry-ness). But before this post gets to be too mushy-mushy for some of you, I should go and go appreciate him more in person. ((Alex if you are reading this: THANKS FOR DEALING WITH ME FOR 2 WHOLE YEARS)) 🙂

can you all tell that I make him carry me around a lot haha

this picture just randomly makes me happy for no reason

I truly  hope you all have someone who you can go to no matter what and honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a significant other. Just having that one go-to person makes all the difference in the world. It is nice once in a while to also be that one person others can go to no matter what. Make sure to take some time once in a while to appreciate the people in your life who are always there for you—they’re truly hard to come by!

P.S. and if you haven’t really noticed yet, I am obsessed with taking random pictures to remember and relive every moment so make sure to collect lots of pics with your special people!!

Until my next lil’ thought then,


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  • Reply Bailey April 25, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    I love that you are doing this in college. I have dreams of my own right now of making a beautiful blog but I can’t currently because AP classes and finals. So thank you for making this inspiring little blog to tide over my desires for a creative website of my own!

    • Reply lilthoughtswithjen April 26, 2017 at 5:42 pm

      thank you so much Bailey!–your words mean so much to me (more than you can ever know!) and I believe you can create a blog too-anything is possible 🙂 In the meantime, good luck on your APs and finals xoxo

  • Reply myfragranceco April 26, 2017 at 7:36 am

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    • Reply lilthoughtswithjen May 2, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Thank you!

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