The Art of Apologies

August 27, 2017


We are constantly being hit with apologies; from left and right we are getting “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” and we ourselves are probably dishing them out to others as well! I, too, am soooo guilty of this; of apologizing/saying sorry when actually I am 100% not sorry. We hear it so often that most times it doesn’t mean anything to us or people around us anymore. I’ve recently made a promise to myself to come up with a list of things I should stop saying sorry for. Transforming apologies into an art to be mastered essentially. Here are the three things I’ve stopped apologizing for:


1. My Opinions

We are totally in the day and age where we shouldn’t have to apologize for how we think. We are constantly bombarded with information, current events and top news that we are bound to form our own opinions. And while it’s nice to be with someone who share similar views as you, being with someone else who is on completely opposite sides of the spectrum doesn’t mean either of you need to apologize for your views. Agreeing to disagree is my personal favorite.

2. My Time

Most people my age have so many things going on in their lives from jobs/internships, college, studying for grad schools, etc that making time for others can be sooo hard. And while making time for family, friends, etc is super important for making relationships last, building new memories and for your social life, it’s also okay to take a step back and use your free time for yourself. I’ve mentioned so many times before that taking time out of the day for yourself is the best thing you can do for YOU. I’ve stopped apologizing for not being able to hang out with people once in a while and to just focus on me. Just remember that it’s your time and you can decide how you want to spend it!

3. My Friends

No one should ever ever ever apologize for who they are friends with. No one but you can understand why you have a specific connection with another person. Be friends with whoever ya want and if someone else doesn’t like it, they can deal with it in their own time. You shouldn’t be wasting your apologies over who you want to hang out with or even those you care about! And if a friendship ends badly, you can still go back to remember the good times, think about the lessons you’ve learned and simply move on.

And while there are so many things out there to stop saying sorry for, there are definitely times you should be saying sorry. Like when you’ve truly hurt someone, said something mean or bumping into someone on the street. Use your gut instincts for when a sorry is needed because issues can be easily resolved when we admit when we are wrong. I’m still one to fish one out super quick when I need it! Common human decency is what the world needs more of!

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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