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Style How-To: Incorporating Red

February 11, 2018


One of the hottest (literally) colors of the season of late is RED. Walk into any store and you’ll find all the hues and varieties of goodies for you to choose from. Whether you are bolder and want to fully encompass this trend or you are on the path to incorporate it ever so slightly, everyone has a place in their wardrobe for some red pieces. I have rounded up all of my favorite ways to incorporate red into my own daily outfits.



I am an obsessive shoes-lover. Do I have too many? Yes. Am i going to continue pretending like I don’t know that and still buy more? Yes yes yes! I actually got this pair for Christmas from my brother and man do I love them so much. They are my newest babies and I still am afraid I’ll dirty them up.

Something about this pair of bright red shoes makes them so sexy. Added the pointed toe design, I felt like a power-woman whenever I wear them! Since the shoes were so bright and such a statement piece of my outfit, I toned it down with an all black and grey look to make sure the shoes can have the stage to themselves. Tying the whole look together, I added a bright red lip. Of course, there are no rules with these shoes—you can opt for an all neutral color outfit or go bold and incorporate more colors!



I love myself a nice and cozy sweater (who doesn’t?). Especially with the whether still being freezing here in the city, every layer is essential. But I find that during this time I always end up bored with my sweater collection because I always opt for neutral ones—practicality is the main concern. After searching for some sweaters to fit into my style and ones that I can go back to season after season, I think I have hit the jackpot with this turtleneck from J.Crew.

The color is vibrant and looks so perfect fitted into some high waisted jeans. I personally styled it with an all black outfit so the sweater can stand out on its own and then add some dangling earrings to balance the look out. I also have styled red before of another favorite red sweater, which you can read HERE. Personally I think incorporating red with some knitwear is the easiest because you can layer and they go with everything!



With school and work happening all at once, I don’t get as much freedom with the bags I want to carry recently. Adulting is hard guys! As someone who loves color, I have bought some red bags in the past and still love them to this day. This also goes to prove that it’s worth it to invest in high-quality pieces! This particular one from Michael Kors go with everything you can think of—the color is also gorgeous. It’s mid-size shape is perfect for every-day use or for dressing up an outfit. If you want something smaller and don’t want to spend as much, I highly recommend Zara…they have such cute bags at very affordable prices.



To the color lovers who want to be more subtle, this one is for you. Accessories are so easy to incorporate more color into your outfit. From a bold chunky necklace to some crazy earrings. I opted for my favorite bracelet because it goes with everything. And if jewelry isn’t your thing, then go towards the route of a hat or scarf! There is no such thing as too little or too much of red!


I hope you enjoyed this how-to style post! Maybe sharing with you how I like to style red, you will have some ideas of your own floating around in your head. Remember there are absolutely no rules in fashion, so have fun and experiment. Adding color is amazing and you soon will be addicted as I am. Have fun styling!

A million and one thanks for tuning in today — until my next lil’ thought then!


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    The red attire looks attractive, Jen 🙂 xo

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      thank you!
      xx jen

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