Spreading Our Love

October 8, 2017

With all the recent tragedies happening around the world, I found it difficult to sit down and write a post about my outfits or personal weekly events this week. It was hard to even begin writing—where do I start to summarize all the sadness and horror? And I thought long and hard to think about how I, one person, can do something or say something using the platforms that I have. All I can offer are my shoulders to cry on, ears to listen to or simply just my company. No amount of my sympathy or empathy can ever help me fathom what it would be like to be a victim of any of these tragedies. To those people who have been victims, families of victims and all others involved, my heart goes out to you and I am HERE for any of you if you ever stumble upon my blog or this post.

I have felt an extreme sense of thankfulness towards all the blessings in my life these past few weeks from having my family and friends safe and sound to having a roof over my head. Hearing tragedy after tragedy has made me realize just how precious our lives are…how in one split second, we or a loved one could be gone. It reminds me to make sure to let those around me know how important they are important to me—from my friends, both close and near, to my family. Never stop telling them how much you love them and their place in your life. No amounts of “I love you’s” are considered to be too much, so spread them. What everyone needs most at this time is extra love and support. Pick up the phone and call someone near you just for the sake of hearing their voice, text a message to someone just to see how they’re doing or simply say hello to someone just to brighten up their day. It’s the little acts that count in the long run.

While living in NYC, one of the busiest cities in the world, I constantly get scared to go into big crowds and/or out in general in fear of something happening. I have started to remind myself all the time that I cannot be held back from my own life from these hate-filled people. We cannot let those cowards dictate how we live our lives—we must continue to stand tall, to embrace our life and every oppurtunity that comes our way with open arms. And while people are hurting all around the world, we must continue to lend every ounce of support we have to let those in need know that we are all in it together. Be there for others, spread more “I love you’s”, be completely accepting, be empathetic and sympathetic, and never ever be held back from living your life. It doesn’t take much for anyone to make a difference, and we can start today with ourselves.

until my next lil’ thought then,


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