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Rainy Sundays

November 5, 2017


When it comes to rainy days, I have such mixed feelings. On one hand, I love the sound of raindrops and the gloominess, which gives me an excuse to stay in. But that also means not being able to go outside and getting stuff done. I always feel as if my day is wasted away because I lose track of time since the sky is dark the entire day. Lazy girl mode is fully activated when I wake up to a rainy morning! Growing up in my family, Sundays were a day of extra rest, time to sleep in and just relaxing overall. And now that I am in college and older, I am still in that mindset every week when Sunday rolls around.💤



But from my last post (which you can read here), one of my goals for November was to go out more and I made sure to do that today. In NYC today, it’s pretty gloomy and the rain comes and goes—more of a drizzle for the most part. It’s the best time to pop on a sweater and head outside without dying from being too hot or cold. To push myself to go outside more, I knew I needed some form of schedule so I set a brunch date with Alex and a close friend. We went to try out Agave, a southwestern brunch place that was delish! 😋 Then we went to Chinatown to grab Alex a haircut and some groceries.



Going to Chinatown here is one of my favorite things to do ever since I’ve visited the city. The busy streets and commotion can get a little too much at times, but it is one of the few places in the city where I feel a sense of community. Not to mention, the food there is especially delicious and inexpensive—double whammy! I also tend to buy my veggies and fresh seafood there because of the plethora of options. Don’t worry – I am able to contain myself haha.😜 And to top off the mini-trip, I always make sure to stop into a bakery to grab some warm pineapple buns and a egg tart to eat on the train-ride home!



Today’s rainy Sunday has actually one of my favorites! I’m sitting at my desk right now working away on my homework and studying. I’ve got the candle lit and the mood set just right. I am grinding away at my to-do lists and can’t wait to check everything off so I can go to my couch and snuggle up. I am feeling pretty accomplished so far and don’t actually know how long my stamina is going to push me. But I am trying to maximize on it! I hope your Sundays are all fabulous and you are ready to tackle the new week like I am! And remember, rainy days can just be as fun as sunny days!🤗


outfit details: top—>Vince 🌧 leggings—>Aerie 🌧 Rain boots—>Hunter 🌧 Rain Jacket—>The North Face 🌧 Umbrella—>Muji

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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