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OOTD: Uniqlo Top + A-Line Skirt

November 12, 2017

I’m sharing one of my favorite OOTD and one that is for sure going to be on repeat! I have to admit that most of my fall/winter OOTD in the past have just been me looking like a large marshmallow waiting to topple over from the weight of my clothes. Don’t worry, you will definitely see one of those OOTD soon hah.😅Funny how 50-degrees is considered to be warm now! If any of you were in NYC on Friday, it was so cold—I had to break out my winter jacket, scarves, hats, everything.💨 Thank goodness, this OOTD was on a day that wasn’t as bad but I was still running around cold while taking pictures without my coat—so definitely wear a coat if you are to recreate this look! 💃🏻

Top: Uniqlo

Uniqlo is known to make super warm winter essentials and over the years, I have collected various items to make sure my winter wardrobe will actually keep me warm. Their thermal items are great for layering without making you feel too bulky. There are several stores throughout the city and I always find myself in one once colder weather hits.😺 I would definitely recommend popping into one to grab some tights/leggings, tops, tanks, coats, etc. I got this top from there about a year ago and it’s still holding up! It’s tight-fitting, which makes it keep the warmth in better. Can you believe that I got this top during one of their sale periods for only $10?

Skirt: Forever 21

I usually don’t go for a-line skirts because I think they makes me look bigger, but this one is quite flattering! It was also a sale-find from Forever21 last winter. It has held up so many wears and still look great. This just goes to prove that, regardless of price point, if you take care of your clothes, they will last! The sizing at Forever21 for skirts never fails me—their smalls are pretty consistent in my experience across all skirts. When trying to find more affordable items, I usually go to Forever21; they’re inexpensive and their wide range guarantees there’s something for everyone.

Shoes: Michael Kors

You guys are probably so tired of seeing these booties (currently on sale here) but they are my go-to loves during fall/winter. I didn’t know what I did before I got these because they go so well with every outfit and are so comfortable! They give the extra boost of height, which leads to a boost in my confidence.😜 I love the subtle chain detailing in the heels. Michael Kors has always been one of my favorite brands because their price points aren’t too high for getting great quality items. I’m definitely a shoes girl and would choose getting a new pair of shoes over an outfit any day. Having the right pair of shoes can give you that extra pep on your step (literally) and the right pair can last forever! I sure don’t see myself getting tired or rid of these babies anytime soon! 😋

Accessories + Makeup

My tights are another pair from Berkshire (you can read about the other outfit here) and they are fleece-lined! I was quite worried leaving my apartment that day since I didn’t know if I was warm enough. But these tights saved the day! During colder months, every girl needs that one pair of warm tights to gravitate towards and I cannot recommend these ones any more!👍🏼

I am wearing my typical jewelry with this look—any jewelry would look great since the outfit is so simple. I popped on some color with my Hermes bracelet – you all already know how much I love to always incorporate color.🤗 My watch is a pass-me-down from my mom and is from Burberry. The classic Burberry design matches seamlessly with this neutral look. And as for earrings, I just put some studs to pull the entire look together.

For my makeup, I have been loving berry lips and can’t seem to stop wearing one. My lipstick is a Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rubino (currently for half the price at ULTA!!!!).🙊 It’s my absolute go to at the moment because of its perfect shade. I’m still on the hunt for more dark lip colors so if you know of any goods ones, I would love recommendations! As for the rest of my face, I just have some L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara (see my favorite mascaras post here), Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, and shades from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.


I hope you enjoyed me running through my latest favorite OOTD with you! It’s been so fun to wear what I love and now to write and share it with you all. I can’t wait to keep enjoying this cold weather while snuggling up. This upcoming week will be a super busy one as I have a midterm Wednesday 💀 and it’s Alex’s birthday week! I can’t wait for celebrations and cake haha. And I only have one and a half more weeks until going home for Thanksgiving! I know time will fly by super fast, but make sure to take a breather! I know I will be…

until my next lil’ thought then!


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