Last Semester Shenanigans/Goals

January 24, 2018


Hello loves! Hope you week is amazing thus far! I wanted to take a quick moment to share some last semester of undergrad shenanigans and goals with y’all! I am hoping this is going to be one exciting semester; one that I will remember most. Of course, in order to succeed and all that, I need to set out some more goals for myself!



I am taking four classes this semester and all of them are actually topics I really enjoy! From learning about Legalism, U.S. Foreign Policy, Political Economics to Financial Economics, I am beyond excited to see what all these classes have in store for me. I’ve already had most of my classes and were very satisfied with the professors. So excited for the topics we are going to cover over the next few months. My main goal for this semester was to take classes that I would thoroughly enjoy and I think I’ve already nailed that one head on!



I also got a new position this semester, job-wise, and am so excited to start next week. A fresh new start to a semester is just what I need. I am hoping to learn a lot from this new job and can’t wait to work with amazing people who are passionate in their fields. The excitement of starting something new never fails to pump me full of energy!



Another goal I want to work on is managing my personal and school life better. Maybe being the busiest I’ve ever been during my college career, it will actually help me get my life sorted out and more organized. With limited amounts of free time, I want to make sure I divide it equally amongst my family, friends, work and school. With my new obsession (bullet journaling), I am hoping I will be better at scheduling everything out in advance.



If you can’t tell already, I am extremely excited for this semester. I can’t wait to see what adventures are awaiting. I am hoping to tick off a lot on my 2018 goals/accomplishments list! I’d love to know your new goals of the semester if you’re still attending school or any goals in you’re working towards!


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A million and one thanks for tuning in today — until my next lil’ thought then!


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