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June Bullet Journal Spread – 2021

June 9, 2021
june bullet journal

I created a June bullet journal spread! Albeit late, it’s better later than never to share, right? I am finally back into bullet journaling after getting the creative bug late one-night last week. After taking a couple of months off from creating official themes and relying on a million to-do lists each day, inspiration did finally strike. 

For my June bullet journal spread, I went with a notes theme with a lot of stickers to help space out the drawings. Earlier this year, I got super into stickers and wanted to buy them all from Amazon and any stationery store. I’m putting them to good use in this spread! Added on, I love pastels at the moment so the spreads came out to be quite colorful and vibrant.

Starting off, we have our June at a glance, broken up into 5 sections for each of the weeks in June. While it’s aesthetically pleasing, it also goes with the notes theme. I used my handy dandy stickers to pinpoint main and repeated events for the month such as payday and time to do laundry. This is also the place for me to write in major deadlines, events coming up and reminders. On the other side, I have my monthly goals and content calendar. A lot of the goals relate to my content creation for right month and increasing my output. While collaborations are slower this month, I want to hone back into writing and posting on this blog! I always choose 1-2 quotes to guide my month and this month’s quote is:

There is no “right time”, there is just TIME and WHAT you choose to do with it.

Next up we have my expenses tracker, which is broken into 2 parts: inflow and outflow of funds. I used to break up these sections based on using cash or card, but recently I’m finding that all of my expenses has reduced to using solely cards. Modern day banking apps make it extremely easy to condense down this information, but writing it down on one page and seeing all the information makes me more conscious of my spending habits.

On the other side, we have a page that looks like it’s only stickers, which it is, but for good reason! I wanted to create a thankful moments page where I can come in and fill out throughout the month during the small moments of life I want to capture and remember. Small, fleeting, moments that I want to remember forever. I recently wrote a blog post about practicing gratitude over the minute aspects of our lives and this is my way of putting it into practice.

take time to enjoy the small moments

Moving into my health, wellness and habits trackers. I can’t remember the last time I worked out and made an effort to move my body. Winter came and I was huddled under layers and then work picked up drastically the last couple of months that I always put working out at the back of my mind. But I had to stop letting all these excuses stop me and one of my mains goals this month is to move my body. I didn’t want to commit to an extensive workout routine because lets be honest, my body (and mindset) is in no place to follow a strict regimen. Easing into things without hefty goals would motivate me more to just move. Now that the weather is warmer, I think it’s even easier to get outside and get moving.

For daily habits, I wanted to track habits that I haven’t been consistent on the past month such as reading and clearing out emails. I’m someone who LOVES (and needs) an empty inbox. But I’ve gotten into the bad habit of pretending not to see emails and not looking at my inbox. Trying to combat this by blocking 15 minutes off to check it every day. And then reading…I think I’ve started a million books this year and then forgetting to finish. Hoping to finish at LEAST one book this month. For mood, I utilized stickers to pinpoint my moods and use one sticker per day based on mood.

Lastly, my weekly/daily spreads are also mini notes for each day, divided between personal and work. And to make it more colorful, a different color a day. I like having all that I have to do in each day in one section and easy to cross off or move into another day. Another busy season is coming up at work so I want to ensure my current schedule is as concise as possible to take care of all things that can be done first. And I added the hydration stickers because anyone around me can tell you that I don’t even come close to drinking enough water so I’m tracking it!

This June bullet journal spread was so therapeutic to create and as I dabble back into bullet journaling, I’m once reminded again how amazing and personal this process can be. It’s never too late to pick up your pen and start. A million and one thanks for reading, until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen




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