Home Sweet Home

April 17, 2017

To me, home isn’t instilled in a specific place but rather in specific people. Saying I am homesick doesn’t only mean I miss going back to where I grew up in Central Square, but also missing my family who I don’t get to see very often anymore. Something about seeing their faces on the screen through FaceTime or hearing their voices over the phone doesn’t satisfy that need to actually see them and hug them in person.

when you tell my daddy to make a weird face, this is what he comes up with haha–he will always be a kiddie at heart

real question is: when is she not making me laugh until my stomach is in extreme pain?

This past Easter weekend, I was able to convince Alex to go back home with me and it was the perfect break that I have long needed. We were able to shove our faces with tons of homemade food—trust us when we say we gained a full 10 pounds EACH from all the food we ate. But nothing beats homemade food made out of love, laughs and fun. For the majority of the weekend, we hung out with my family and relaxed—well I did a lot of relaxing while Alex attempted to finish his homework.

thankful for you and for coming back home with me 🙂

Every time I go back, I swear Jody and Jason (my younger sister and brother) keeps getting taller and acting more mature and I can’t help but wonder what happened to my height and my maturity growth HAHA. Even though I am the oldest, Alex, Jody and Jason can all agree that I act the youngest…oops. I can confidently say that I am truly myself with my parents, Jody, Jason and Alex and it’s the best feeling in the world. They are all the bestest best friends I could ever ask for!

I am wearing heels and on my tippy-toes but I still can’t be as tall as him 🙁

weird to think that she’s old enough to go to college this year–where has all the time went??

New York City is a wonderful place to live in but it can get overwhelming at times. The never-ending list of things that needs to be completed, people to hang out with and expectations to meet can be mind-boggling at times to handle all at once. Sometimes I feel that just getting out of the city for a quick weekend trip is just what I need to reboot and maintain my focus and sanity!

And so to cap off, cheers to a good weekend, a supportive family and some good homemade food. Don’t forget to take some time to destress and remove yourself from all the chaos to focus solely on yourself for a little bit—I promise it will bring upon some genuine smiles and make you feel a lot more like yourself! As for myself, I am going to head on over to my fridge to devour all the food I brought from home – whoop whoop!!

Until my next lil’ thought then,


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