HBD to Jody (Hobo)

May 8, 2017

Wishing the very happiest of 18th birthday to my baby sister today!! Hands down one of the most hard-working and dedicated person that I know and someone who constantly motivates me through anything. As one of the main people who was my inspiration and push towards the creation of this blog, I thought it was only right she got her very own post for her special day. (Hi Hobo if you’re reading this!!))

wearing some heels and still not as tall her 🙁

not sure if this was a true candid or not haha

Jody, or Hobo or Jo as the family calls her, is someone you want to have by your side no matter what; if you need someone to talk to, cry to or even brag to about an accomplishment. She has the best ears and the most comforting presence. She makes me realize that having a sister is at true blessing, as cheesy as that sounds. Although at times she does get annoying (sorry Jo)—like when she wouldn’t talk to anyone because she is angry—she is someone no one around her would trade for anything.

look how beautiful she is

One of the funniest stories was that growing up, I always thought that I was going to always be the tall and big sister, but then I realized she got blessed with the genes of being tall and slender. After she became a beanstalk, people would call us twins or even asking if I was the younger sister😓 At times though I do feel as though she is the older one—no one can keep their composure and can carry as much responsibility as that girl I tell ya. And everyone around me knows how childish I can get at times! Jody and I would sometimes joke that I was a meanie in the womb who pushed her out of the way so I could come out first haha. But that sounds about right and something that I would totally do.

my goofy little one

Thanks for being the best sister out there Jody!! I look forward to all the successes that you have in your life and all the adventures you’re going to take as you head to college next fall (without me😰 ). I know you will thrive anywhere with that heart and especially that smarty brain of yours! I love you the forever and always!!💖

Make this day extra special & don’t forget to eat an extra piece of cake for me 🙂

Until my next lil’ thought then,


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