Goal of February: Self-Love

February 7, 2018


Bringing back the monthly goals this month! February is the month of LOVE and I want my main goal of this month to focus on SELF-LOVE. Instead of the normal Valentine’s Day shenanigans, lets switch gears and direct some of that love towards ourselves. Sharing is caring and here are some ways to care and love yourself a lil’ more!


Treat Yoself to a Shopping Trip!

If you’re like me and love to shop, you know you don’t need someone to tell  you twice to go shopping. Let this month be the one where you can splurge a lil’. Go ahead and buy that shirt, coat, or shoes you’ve been eyeing! Nothing puts a pep in my step quite like something new in my wardrobe. And if clothes aren’t your thing, go buy something else you’ve been wanting—impulse buying is okay once in awhile.😝


Set Aside Some Pamper Time

Alone time is seriously the best time. Raise your hand if you agree (I will pretend I can see it!). So set a couple hours per week away for yourself to soak in the bath, use a face mask, read, or whatever helps you be relaxed. Focus on satisfying and nourishing your mind. I know so many people who have been really into meditating, which is definitely something I personally want to practice during my pamper times!😋


Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasure

Whether this be more shopping (hehe) or watching endless amounts of Netflix or cooking up a storm, do more of what you love this month. Doing more things we find deep pleasure in can satisfy us both mentally and emotionally. Too often we are immersing ourselves into what other people want and pretending we are really enjoying ourself. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to do these things alone; if you like hanging out with others, find an activity to do together! And maybe you and a group of friends can come up with something you each want to do and put it on rotation! ☺


Satisfy the Growl in that Tummy

Can there be a lil’ thoughts with jen post without mentioning some sort of food? I bet most of your New Years resolutions was to focus on dieting, exercising or some fitness related goal and started out strong in January. But maybe we can set that aside for a couple of days in February to satisfy our hunger. Go out to eat at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try, order dessert and eat that chocolate bar you’ve been resisting. Life is too short to constantly limit yourself. 😜





I hope these ideas can help jump-start your self-love journey. Spread love, but don’t ever forget about yourself! I know I will be trying to incorporate these into my daily life in February. If you have any other ways to increase self-love, I’m all ears!



A million and one thanks for tuning in today — until my next lil’ thought then!


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