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Focusing on the Basics

October 12, 2017

Like all most other fashion lovers, I have been following all the fashion weeks throughout September from watching Youtube videos, reading other blogs and watching fashion shows online. I couldn’t help but fall in love with so many new up-and-coming trends and the creativity behind all the new designs. Those people are just so talented! While I can’t help but be inspired by all these new “in” fashion styles, I also am someone who loves my basics—the items that I constantly go back to regardless of the season or current trends. From basic tees to shoes that go with every look, every girl needs some basic essentials in her wardrobe to get through those days where we think we have absolutely “nothing” to wear.😉 This outfit is a perfect concoction of what I mean by putting together basics.

I have so many of these simple tees—they’re so easy to just throw on and go out the door with any bottoms. This particular one is from Zara and was super inexpensive—something around $15 or less. You know I love a good deal! I also have it in black and they’re so comfy and soft, which is perfect for my sensitive skin people! Throughout my closet, I have so many of these tees, some are graphic (you might have seen my favorite Micky Mouse shirt that I wear nonstop) and some are just plain. These are sure to never go out of style and is perfect to dress up or down!

These bottoms are also from Zara and they’re the perfect combination of chic and comfy! I bought them in a darker navy color so they will match with pretty much everything. They’re so simple looking but have just enough flair with the bow detail that adds the perfect needed element to any outfit. Because they are so high-waisted, I love tucking my tops in for a more polished look. Like these bottoms, most of the bottoms in my closets are simple jeans or shorts that are more versatile than what is “in” stye. But I personally think that with these basics, you’re able to style it up with other pieces to make it trendier regardless of what is considered “in”.

Onto the shoes! I love these basic flats I picked up about two years ago at JCrew. I think the pointed toe design helps elongate the legs…which is exactly what a shorty like me needs!😜 And the little bowtie on the front adds such a cute feminine touch. Like other basic shoes, they go with everything! You can dress them up with dresses and professional wear or dress it down with simple jeans and a tee….or you can go in between like what I did with this look. When I buy my shoes, I try to look for the perfect balance of comfy and stylish, and I think I got so lucky with these. I have learned my lesson the hard way by spending way too much on expensive shoes that aren’t comfortable at all, which ends up collecting dust. Other basic shoes I love are my Converses, Stan Smiths, and Michael Kors booties.

Investing in pieces that you can wear time and time again makes sure that the money you spend is going to good use! A common rule I follow when shopping is asking myself how many outfits I can make with the piece I want and if I can’t even think of a few, I make myself walk away no matter how hard it is! I am also one for investing in more expensive pieces if it’s a basic, because the cost per wear will ultimately even out since I will wear it so much. I can go on and on about having basics in our wardrobes, but I think I have droned on for long enough. I would love to see how you guys style your basics and what are your favorites so let me know by shooting me a message or commenting below! We can connect over our basic-ness haha🙊

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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