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Crop Top + High Waisted Jeans

August 24, 2017


Can you guys tell I’ve been loving denim lately? I mean who isn’t with all the new styles coming out? But these high-waisted jeans are my all time favorite (as you can probably tell because I wear them ALL the time)😛 I love pairing these with just a plain tee—which everyone has in their closet—or a cute crop top like this one! Oh, and before I forget, I got these high-waisted boyfriend ripped jeans from American Eagle a couple of years ago. Honestly, the more I wear them, the better they feel. It truly gets better with age! Even better, since they are a bit loose, you can eat whatever you want and it will hide your food baby perfectly haha😜



This simple and little crop top is from Forever21 which I grabbed from the sale section online about a couple of months ago. It’s a cute piece that I usually like to wear with bottoms that are higher waisted since it is sooo short as you can probably already see from some of the pics. Nonetheless, I am obsessed with this look! Especially these few days the weather where I am at is a little chilly so I am reaching for something that’s more covered up but not totally if ya get what I mean😋


I am still enjoying being at home… and I am still studying my butt off for the LSAT which are in 3.5 weeks😰 I love hanging out and just chilling with my family—definitely on my goals list to come home more often because I always miss them sooo much. I can’t wait for this upcoming weekend as I get to see my best friend again before I leave for school and Alex is going to be coming next week! Let me know how your week has been going or what you’re excited for in the upcoming weekend/week! 🎉

Until my next lil’ thought then!


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