Celebrating Life’s Moments with Hallmark Cards

August 27, 2021

* This post is sponsored by Hallmark, but all opinions are my own.

2021 was a big year of big moments in our house with some MAJOR accomplishments all around. A year that felt slow in with things opening back up and resuming a newfound sense of normalcy balanced with a feeling that the year is going too fast without experiencing all that we lost in 2020. In essence, every major moment became magnified this year and it’s worth every celebration.

When I sat down to write this post and made a list of the big worthy of celebration moments, I cannot help but smile at how far our family has come overall. I think back to how my parents told me they came to America with nothing in their pockets, with the sole purpose of wanting to provide a better life for their future generations.

Growing up, we all dreamt of the moment we each can graduate university, the first generation to do so and obtain real-world jobs to help divide the family responsibilities. Back then, those seemed to be lofty goals that seemed far in the distance. BUT!! 2021 has put those goals into existence for each of us.

My sister graduated from UCLA this past year with her B.S. in BioChem (the smarter sister alert!) and found her first “real” job as a scientist. The most independent sibling out of us 3, she moved to New Jersey to live on her own and start her career. I can’t help but be so proud of her persistence and dedication to anything she puts her mind to.

My brother is entering his last year of undergrad at NYU this year and has also secured a full-time position that commences after graduation, where he will be able to utilize his Computer Science degree. Being the youngest of the three, he always was more free-spirited and we were unsure of where his interests would lead him. To see him pursue his own path gives both my parents and I a sense of relief.

These moments have made this year already one of the best in my books. And to celebrate these moments, I sent Hallmark cards to both my siblings. I wanted them to have a special moment filled with words that sometimes are hard to convey out loud. I wanted them to have something that they can hold onto for years to come to remember their accomplishments and life’s major moments. While trivial to most people and seemingly like the normal trajectory of how things are supposed to pan out via life’s trajectory, it’s a testament to our family’s goals that hard work pays off.

Hallmark has a vast variety of cards that can help you celebrate life’s moments, whether big or small, with those around you. These moments all add up in life and the gestures of trying to capture those moments to remember in the future make them extra special. Think of something that has happened this year in your friend’s or family’s life that you can help celebrate and send a Hallmark card ❤️

A million and one thanks for reading — until my next lil’ thought then!

xx jen

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