lil' thoughts with jen about me

Hello! Welcome to lil’ thoughts with jen!

I am Jenny, Jen for short. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, shopaholic and beauty addict living in New York City who loves to strike up random conversations about all topics with anyone who’s willing to lend an ear.  Originally, I’m from a small town in upstate New York where my parents still are, so you will definitely see snapshots of my life there when I visit. Coming from an extremely small town like that, NYC was a dream come true and I still am in awe every day over the fact that I am able to live here. I’m an alumna of New York University, double majored in Economics and Politics with a minor in Chinese. If any of those topics interest you: HELLO! 

I created lil’ thoughts with jen as a platform for me to share my love and passion for all things related to life, fashion, beauty and all the lil’ thoughts I have running a million miles through my head every day. This is a place where I want to spread my voice and to ensure every member of this community can have a place to spread their voice, too. You are an integral part of the lil’ thoughts with jen community just by being here – so thank you.

The mission is to spread more positivity into every readers’ life and for you to leave my blog feeling lighter, more motivated and a lil’ inspired with every story.  Here, you will find a family/friends environment. You can find tips on how to be more productive in your life, learn to set goals, style the latest trends, incorporate amazing beauty products, learn how to bullet journal and get advice on how to find motivation in your life. Of course, these categories don’t encompass all the conversations we will be having, so I hope you are interested enough to join me in this journey. I want to be your online confiant with all things in your life, which means honesty will always be the backbone of these posts!

I have already gotten so many great opportunities and met so many amazing people through this blog. I really look forward to seeing where else it will take me and meet more inspirational people along the way. This has become my own lil’ corner of the internet to escape to and to connect with multi-faceted people. This community has become part of my identity and I hope you come back whenever you need a place to belong, it is just as much your home as it is mine. There is no doubt in my mind I will not run out of adventures to share about, foods to drool over and random miscellaneous lifestyle articles to write about so stay tuned for more of my random lil’ thoughts to come your way!! 


jen ❣